Sunday, May 08, 2011

April Painting Catchup...

I'll write this big bumper edition of Pledge news whilst watching the Formula One (a good race is somehow not really engaging me today).  Obviously with virtually no photo updates in April there was a lot of work that has so far gone unrecorded, but here it is in all its variety and glory.

First up I had plenty of time and motivation to finish two more Anima Tactics models, as the blurry sneak preview shot will have shown a couple of weeks back.  Here is Clover, the leader for my little force:

A charismatic, and nicely understated model; GW would never allow this through their rigorous 'skull application' stage of design work!  Such a simple model demands just as much attention in painting though if the result is not to look flat and lifeless.  I made extensive use of GW washes (which I use alongside glazes of Vallejo, as a thinner alternative) on this model followed by several layers of increasing highlights.  These were then smoothed out with another layer of wash.

 I was really satisfied with Clover, and at the same time was able to do a better job of my second Type 005.

The first model (see February) came out too vibrant a purple, and had troubling highlights on the metal armour.  This version - the alternate pose available as a blister pack, differs from the starter pack pose - came out with a paler shade that met my expectations.  The sweeping folds of the cloth, give this model a great sense of movement, that again was well served by washes.

I started the month with a mass of Goblins, jostling table space with the Germans covered last week.  These didn't get much attention until the latter were out the way; but then I was able to knock them out in short order.

These were after all, a simple job, done with the most basic of techniques.  A varnish glaze mix providing all the shading.  I like to generate a lot of variety in the skin tones and clothing of the troops, which hopefully you can see in the image.  A full tutorial can be found back in the November 2006 archive.

Along similar lines were these two Undead catapults, painted exclusively for use in Kings of War (they serve no purpose in a Vampire Counts army).  The same basic technique as the goblins, and to be fair the models below was used.

 Tiresome models to paint if I'm honest.  Too many hard to reach parts.

Once they were done, I moved on to another job for sale on eBay.  This time Russians.


I've said plenty about the paint method used on the infantry and guns here before.  So I will talk primarily about the Plastic Soldier Russians.

I find them an odd mix, some of the models are fantastic, the firing LMG team and the chap running whilst holding his helmet being highlights, but others are weak models aesthetically.  Not least there is a problem with anatomical proportions, that give an impression the models were sculpted by people with more attention on historical accuracy than biology. 

In particular there are many models with arms that are too short, especially the grenade throwing model, where it is laughably obvious on what is the worst pose in the set.  Still for the money, they represent reasonable value, and with PS's rapid expansion and servicing of three classic wargaming scales one can only applaud their initiative, and hope standards improve over time with experience.

Back to the painting, and I had fun with the easy job of producing this KV1; some mobile-phone browsing (the joys of technology) allowed me to research an appropriate slogan for the side of the tank.

The totals for the month were, as a result of minimal distractions, such as blogging! excellent.

36 Goblin Spears
Sophia Ilmora
Russian Platoon with 76.2mm Zis 3 and KV1-S (60pts)
Skeleton Catapults and crew (10pts)
Type 005

A final figure of 104 points, over triple expectations and including three quality paint jobs, alongside the usual rubbish, ahem.

With a return of the Internet at home, less bank holidays/leave and more social life going on, I imagine that will be a high water mark for some months.


  1. Good update, we see progress is being made my friend.

  2. Heya

    Some quality work there and nice and varied both in techniques and material genres.

    I still can't quite bring myself to knock out squads like that but then neither if i'm truely honest can i be bothered to spend a lot of time on just one model.

    Something tells me if i ever got a fantastic result i'd have to bring the rest of the collection up to the same standard and that's a little bit too much like work :)

    All the best, good to here your back on the Net.