Sunday, May 22, 2011

GW Resin Sneak Peek

Came across a photo today which throws more light on the nature of the GW wonder material:

Clearly, this is not being moulded in the traditional metal spinning machines, these look an awful lot like injection mouldings and so there would be an attendant retooling cost that at least goes some way to explaining the price increases.

Also indicated was that the material can be converted easily, it can be repositioned after soaking in hot water and can be cut reasonably easy - which suggests a better medium than old resins.

What it's really like still remains to be seen, but I suspect I will have to get one model just to see...


  1. Interesting. Thanks for sharing

  2. I don't know much about casting but when it comes to resources isn't it cheaper the less you use?

    Looking at some of those sprues there's more in the frame than there is is the sculpts, which i'm guessing the punter will have to cover when the pricing is calculated.

    Still i'm happy to reserve judgement on quality vs worth until i can get my hands on a specimen.

    Till Later