Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Wargames, Economy-proof?

For some people, the economic downturn does not seem to have impacted yet.

The latest Perry Miniatures release is now up for pre-order, and the painted samples I've seen on the net look very tempting; I'll admit I haven't touched my little ACW collection in a while, but at 42 figures for £18, these could be tempting to get a box; just a shame there were no Zouaves in the Division I've chosen to recreate!

Ah well, check them out for yourself; this set appears to be of 8 sprues of 5 advancing figures and one sprue of two command figures.  This may seem a bit light onofficers to some (like me, my ACW units are only 18 strong); but you can of course pick up extra metal commanders, and recent perry sets have been available by the sprue on their website.

Elsewhere Warlord is starting to drip feed more details on its' new Hail Caesar rules, Have a look here to find out more about the basis of the system:


  1. Sorry to sound like a broken record - but two unit packs of Newline Designs metal ACW Zouaves - 24 figures a pack - £9.50 a pack - so just a pound more than your plastics, but not having to put them together... sorry - no contest... :o))

  2. Wow - didn't know they were releasing a Zouave set. I may have to get those - I don't do ACW, but may have to make an exception for these colorful characters. Dean

  3. Steve, You make a point, but alas a flawed one ;-) For one thing Newlines Zouaves are 20mm scale, a very different size and so the cost of the metal reflects that. I don't do ACW in 20mm, so they are not useful to me or many other gamers.

    Then again if I was doing 20mm, I'd see your Newline designs and raise you; Hat Industries 20mm PLASTIC Zouaves; 48 models for £6.

    No contest :-P

  4. I'm really interested in the Perry brothers saying that they plan to release figures for first Bull Run. If anything could get me into ACW it would be that battle; partly because of the Bernard Cornwell book, Rebel.