Friday, February 11, 2011

A little painting

Just some oddments really.  A pair of Goblin bosses firstly; I'm aiming to try the 8th edition front rank of heroes concept on a goblin unit, so I need a good few, and have plenty available.

The one on the right was a breeze to do, his mate is needlessly fiddly and not an easy casting to work on.  As my Orc and Goblin army is only done with a glaze technique for shading, I didn't want to be fannying about with fiddly stuff!

The other job was much, much smaller, but deserved a lot more attention.  The last of my Anima Tactics Black Sun starter set; promethea's guardian, Styx:

I wanted a natural looking finish to make the glowing markings on the flank stand out sharply.  To that end I used photos of 'Red' Doberman's for inspiration, hence the touch of pink around the nose.  I think I got the eyes perfect, he has a sort of sad mournful look about him I think.

A tip for anyone trying to pin tiny models like this to custom bases, as here.  Don't just cut the base tab off entirely (and try to replace it with a drill hole); rather cut all the extraneous material away that is not directly under the feet, so that the remaining tab is more of a rectangular peg.  Then gently trim and file this down to as small a round peg as you need to fit to the hole drilled in the associated base.  Don't shorten the peg!

Another tip, to work out where to drill the holes on the base, after dry fitting for the desired position I put a dab of paint on the bottom of the pegs and the place the model in position on the base.  Leaving spots of paint in place for the drilling of the holes.  Now you can be pretty certain that your drill holes will line up!