Sunday, February 06, 2011

Bad news over at Wargames Factory...

I picked up this nugget whilst watching the start of the Superbowl; it seems Wargames Factory has suffered a hostile takeover by Chinese investors after getting shafted by one of it's staff.

I only just picked this up, but it is indicative of this year being the one where at least one of the new plastic manufacturers falls by the wayside.  Personally I had one of the British companies as likely to fall, so this is a surprise.  Of course the new potential owners could keep the business in hand and make a go of it based on the current model.

But really, that requires a lot of faith to believe.

We'll see...


  1. I had read bits and pieces about this on a number of forums and it seemed to be getting nasty, will give this a read.

  2. I've only ordered through "On Military Matters" and not directly . . . and they don't charge my card until they actually have the product to ship to me.

    (note: I'm in Canada; non-North Americans might want to order through some of their local distributors so as not to get burned if the Chinese fold up shop.)

    -- Jeff

  3. Hmm - me too...

    I'm a confirmed metalist though (or should that be mentalist!) and have never really understood the attraction... I see boxes being bought, but very few figures being painted, in blog-land... is there really enough long term business out there to maintain the several manufacturers??