Sunday, February 06, 2011

2011 Pledge begins slowly

The volume of painting in the first month of this year was pretty low, but I think I got quality rather than quantity  I actually managed just 23 models, which any regular readers of the blog will know is a pittance, for me!

One of the items I did complete was the next of my Anima Tactics models; a Type 005:

 I went with a purple palette for this chap, I'd wanted it to be paler than this but it looks OK in the end.  The muscle tone ended up very defined!  I was happier with the blue robes, and feel I got the bone weapons looking believable, with layers of red gore wash.

 Generally satisfied with it, though it could have been a bit better.

I also knocked up another elven mage for my Dogs of War army, mainly as I found him in a box.

Other unphotographed items included a handful of 15mm British Artillery and a Goblin hero.

So it's a slow build up for the year, but with the Terminator commission well on its way I hope for a better score in February.

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