Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Massive Spiders and Price Hikes

Trapped in Bradford for the weekend, due to the ongoing car debacle; the only Wargaming exposure I got was a trip to the local Games Workshop (not five minutes from my apartment).  Their in I snapped a picture of the Arachnarok Spider in the flesh:

A pound coin (same size as a 1 Euro piece folks) gives a sense of scale.  To be brutally honest, it's a lovely looking model, but not as big as I first thought, still it is an impressive centrepiece; and probably worth splashing out the £36 asking price (though as I'll get mine at the FLGS instead, rather less).

Not so can be said of the 'New' Orc Boys Boxed set:

Yes, their the models from the old boxed set; but where that retailed for £20 for 19 models, the new box contains 10 of the same miniatures, for £18!

Quite frankly, the most phenomenal piece of offensive price raising GW have ever done.

You know I could see the point when the new Empire infantry went to ten for £12, they were a much better set of models, even if they were as pricey as historical lead miniatures.  I could understand the logic of their making elite troops more expensive; I didn't really agree with it, but accept the point that units people would buy less of will need to sell for more to be viable.

But this is one of the most common rank and file units an Orc player could field, and until a few weeks ago they retailed at just over £1 per model.

The price has gone up by 80%  for absolutely no change in product whatsoever.


Games Workshop, you should be ashamed of yourselves.  Truly, ashamed.


  1. Ouch... but not truely surprising been watching it happen right across their ranges for sometime...go look at the Imperial guard they followed the the same trend last year or was it the year before?
    Amusing in a sad kinda way...take a look at the back of the Blood angels army box...not only is it £60 or so but on the Photo on the back they've tried to spread the precious few miniatures out so that they take up the space better.

    Still if it helps the Indie business then i'm all for it, makes a pleasent change too their usual aggressive tactics.

  2. On of the many reasons to play with historical models instead of fantasy ones.

    -- Jeff

  3. That spider is excellent but the orks are ridiclous, I rarely buy anything off them now unless its a big model or I can get someone to buy it for me as a gift.