Saturday, February 12, 2011

March of the Greenskins

It's always mixed feelings when Games Workshop release a new army book for one of my armies.  Will they improve things or ruin the army, what new models are they going to introduce to tempt you.  And of course nowadays, how much are they going to screw you for to get the new army book?!

 On that last point it is quite a lot.  This represents a move to hardcover and full colour throughout, with an associated price tag of £22.50.  Ouch!  However as it is an essential purchase to play the army, they kind of have you there (and we would not of course, stoop to downloading pirated copies now would we? Ahem).

Every new army comes with a fistful of new models of course, amongst them there are the appearance of units long unrepresented, such as Savage Orc Boar Boys:

And entirely new units and troop types, including Goblin Sneaks (essentially cheap Dark Elf Assassins).  But the centrepiece to the release is this mighty beast; the Araknarok giant spider:

 That's a 100x150mm base by the way.  Again the models, released in March, carry a hefty price tag.  The new Savage Orc warriors on foot set is £18 for 10 models for example, and the Spider is a whopping £36.  But fear not!

In March/April, Mantic release their Orcs, also on 25mm square bases and scaled to match GW sized models, they will retail from £14 for 15 models, with the usual deals on bigger units.

So, you pays your money, you takes your choice.  Either way, expect to see lots of new half finished O&G armies appearing on a table near you soon!


  1. They have you by the the cojones for the most part.

  2. I haven't played any GW games in years . . . although I've got both 40K and WHF painted armies.

    Why? Because I object to the constantly changing rule books, army books and "legal" figures . . . not to mention outrageous prices for all of it.

    Brilliant marketing, I'll admit . . . but no more money from me. I'll stick to historicals, thank you.

    -- Jeff

  3. Another Orc army book. Wow... wonder how many ive seen so far.

    "Will they improve things or ruin the army, what new models are they going to introduce to tempt you."

    I see a lot of that. Not trusting the designers of your favorite game its truly a mistery for me. How can people play a game when they dont trust the game designers?

    And of course, the nice influx of new models, making half of your current army invalid and cabinet dressing.

    I just dont get it. Guess Warhammer must be a damn fun game to take all of it with a smile. Nice looking book though.