Monday, February 28, 2011

Asarnil the Dragonlord

Asarnil is a cheap way to fit up a Dogs of War army with some shock and awe; sadly the original model these days would only elicit a wry smile, and possibly derision...

A beautifully painted example, but frankly a very outdated model.

My purchase of a huge model dragon a few weeks back, did threaten to sit on the painting table indefinitely. But I got the spray cans out and base coated the beastie after staring at it for a while.

With the whole critter sprayed a dark brick red, I had to consider two other requirements, a base and a rider. For a rider, I lucked out on finding an Elven General in a box of goblins I'd bought, complete with horse; which gave its live, well torso, to form an elaborate caparison.

As for the base, a well smashed selection of bits of slate tile gave a suitably large base some definition. Everything could then be pinned together, and in the case of the rider, in such a way that the model can be removed, for storage or to allow the dragon to be fielded without a rider (it can be done).

So with a red theme picked, I set to on a layer of deep red all over and then varying layers of highlights up to bright orange in places. The reds for the rider were somewhat different; but the net effect ties in reasonably well:

Apologies for the Terrible quality of the pictures.  I have this very day bought a new camera!

You get a sense of the sheer size of this model from the rider here.  The base is 80mm wide by 100mm deep.  I may yet add some sort of reins but the original model of course has none so I'm not so worried.  The ability to separate the models is a definite benefit.

Better pictures and hopefully evidence of the chap in action to follow in good time.  Oh and if anyone is wondering, I've counted the whole thing as a 'tank' and a cavalry model, 7 points!


  1. I've got to disagree with you about the dated quality of the old Asarnil. I think it is a wonderful model! Yours is just as great, wonderful paint work, but I don't see anything wrong with the old one's design.

  2. You've definitely got yourself an army centre piece in that there beastie... now all it has to do is survive the attention while the rest of your force goes to work.

    What's the dragon model/toy/plaster cast?

  3. Qalpha: It's a Schleich model, done in a high density vinyl I think. Takes paint well and resistant to damage. Here's a link to one retailing at £18 uk:

  4. Heya

    Thanks for the info, already acquired and posted:

    Best of luck.

  5. Now that is one impressive looking beastie