Monday, September 21, 2009

Thugged Again!

Well lax organisation on my part meant I ended up playing another game of Warhammer with my Dogs of War against the Warriors of Chaos. Again it was a close match, but this time I was fairly early on assured of a defeat, despite some forces performing well.

I was very magic and hero heavy in a 2000 point game, exploiting the DoW ability to field more characters than normal; I ended up with six, including a level 4 and level 2 mage. Early on my right flank hammered him, whilst the left was held by the ogres. My mages opened well on his heavy units, but thereafter he did everything in his power to neutralise them.

Note for the future. Do not attach two characters to a unit of ten Bodyguards who couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag. I either need to double the size of the unit or simply let the characters roam free instead. As it was a unit of Chaos Knights charged them down and with that a quarter of my army and two thirds of its' magic disappeared.

Still despite that early setback, the cavalry and skirmishers were acting in concert as an excellent team (rather like Ancient German tactics I think, hmm). My token Cannon was whacking great chunks out of the enemy too, until its' crew finally quit the field.

Alas the losses of solid units were racking up, and it was only a matter of time before his heavies finished me off. I destroyed his light horse and thugs but in the end lost everything but my Knights, a couple of Ogres and Captain on the Winged Lion.
It was a pretty clear victory for Chaos, but I had at least made them work for it. Learning points. More cannon and Crossbows, plus another unit of skirmishers to support my de-facto cavalry unit of Ogres. Lose the useless bodyguard, and avoid clustering value targets.

Maybe next time...

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