Tuesday, September 01, 2009

August Pledge report

September arrives, the promise of full time labour is on the horizon, hurrah; and the so called summer is on the wane. August turned out to be mostly ideal weather for painting, and aside from the other stuff already reported, the following have come off the table before the end of the month.

First up a workaday job of a US Infantry Battalion for Rapid Fire and ultimately Ebay,

The Anti Tank gun is by Britannia Miniatures; cheap at £3.50, but a dog to build; which is partly I suspect because the gun in real life was quite a light piece, and partly because it looks like the model was based on the Airfix kit!

I'm in the midst of selling off my Eldar Army, which I fell out of love with long ago, and was taking up space for no good reason. Amongst the unsellable detritous was this rather knackered Vyper JetBike, which too about two hours to turn into a fine piece of scenery. Still only counts as one model for my purposes today though!

The painting technique is based on my Weathered Vehicles tutorial, but I also experimented with burning as an effect. The black boundary between the metal and red being the limit of the scorching. It looks ok, but needs more practice. The ground isn't damaged as clearly, its' been like that for a while; that's my excuse anyway.
As soon as it was finished I donated it to my local gaming club.
The sharp eyed may have noticed this Ork Warboss in the background of a number of shots over the months. In fact he'd loitered on my painting tray all summer long. But I finally finished him; next stop eBay!

With all these oddments, I didn't finish another Napoleonic unit, though after a few hours yesterday they aren't far off. I was distracted part way through though by this unit of Carolingian/Ottonian foot.
All cleaned up Lords of the Rings Rohan figures - helmet crests and needless horse emblems removed - except for two similarly treated Foundry late Roman Auxilaries. Sadly I got the wash a bit wrong, and so they are darker than I like. Still for a few hours work to clear away another leftover, I'm not too bothered.

The maths is boggling my mind a bit today, and so this may not be absolutely bang on; but I make my totals for today as follows:
  • Bought: 468
  • Painted: 492
  • Sold: 174
There's at least another 100 models in the process of selling too. The purchases were all Valiant plastics, destined for commission jobs and eBay, exceptin ten Napoleonics figures I picked up cheap.
As can be seen I'm only just ahead of my self, but considering the number of models I've actually baough, being on top of the pile is enough. I don't need to buy any more just now, and have got hold of my old unfinished English Civil War and Zulu War forces at last, giving me lots to be getting on with. I've no idea how many models are officially added to my own collection as a result.
Not that it is important really, I don't want to make a habit of number crunching that, as well!

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