Wednesday, September 23, 2009

They never stop

It's reaching a point where I don't need the money, but it does make the pledge painting totals look good, and so yet another battalion of Rapid Fire infantry has been finished.

This lot represent a more mid-war setup, lacking rocket propelled anti tank weapons, having an anti tank gun instead; the oft overlooked Pak 38, an effective 50mm weapon. This one is made by Britannia Miniatures again.

The Camoflague smacks came out really well, the dapple on the autumn patterns has worked nicely and is one of my favourite finishes. I may even do some like this for my own forces, to keep!

Some of the advancing poses you can do with a little effort from the second Valiant set of Germans are really nice. The first set was a little flat in this regard, but Valiant are improving. Look carefully however and you notice many of the set one dolls are reused in set two...

Anyway, another 45 models to the good, and another little injection of cash. That helps make up for buying 56 Numidians last week!

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