Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mainly Royalists...

A little bit of painting progress to report, though in general painting, and gaming has not been at the top of my list of priorities in the last week. However, in that ongoing effort to clear away unpainted lead and plastic, I’ve rooted out my 15mm English Civil War and started getting a few done again.

Firstly a unit of Royalist Horse.

And secondly a Royalist Saker gun.

Both units were done with a simple black lining technique, which I find suits 15mm well and is quick to do; simply undercoat black and then just paint up to the edges of everything, leaving a little black line showing. It doesn’t matter even if you slip up, most of the time; it’s generally all too small to notice. That said I highlighted the gun a fair bit.

As to the figures, well, I’ve owned them for about 12 years, but they came to me from another gamer as a job lot. Some I recognise, there are the fat-arsed horse of ‘Hinchcliffe’, the thin blobby figures of ‘Warrior’ and the chunky goblins of ‘Heroics-Ros’ amongst them, but others are beyond me. Safe to say a few of them are well over 20 years old and many would now more likely be classed a 12mm scale rather than 15mm.

Elsewhere I finished another bane of the painting table, an Elven Mage for my Dogs of War Army. He’s been on the go for 18 months now; and I’ll not be sorry to stick him in a box and not try to paint around the overly complex pose again!

Incidentally, this is my 200th post; not bad for three and a half years...

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