Friday, September 04, 2009

This week, I are mostly been playing boardgames

Ok so a couple of weeks without a figures game oddly enough. A refreshing change.

First on the lists is a really old boardgame: Quebec 1759. This falls into the category of simple to learn difficult to master. The aim is to seize Quebec from the French, or defend it depending on your point of view. As it turned out I could achieve neither. But as a quick wargame it is an interesting little proposition, logistics and planning are critical to a victory, even though there are in effect less than a dozen spaces on the board.

Elsewhere the upstairs crowd at the NightOwls were playing other games; Thursday night is one for all Boardgame fans, with a large selection of Eurogames and wargames actually owned by the club. For example; Puerto Rico, a trading based game:

And so after my drubbing at Quebec 1759, I joined the chaps for a civilised game of Alhambra; rapidly becoming a favourite of mine, though about as un-military as you can get!

The aim of the game is to build the grandest and best appointed palatial garden. It really is the sort of game only the Euro's would invent, but it is clever and fun. This time at my third attempt of the game I came out as the winner to boot. Sweet! This game is well worth a try and is the sort of thing that can easily replace Cluedo or Monopoly at the family get-togethers.

I doubt you could say the same of what I played on Sunday however; Chaos in the Old World.

My expectations weren't high, as it was based on Games Workshop material and their love of drooling spiky Daemons. Fortunately, what I soon discovered was a great little game made under Licence by Fantasy Flight Games. The aim is naturally become top-dog in the daemon realms by dominating and corrupting (taking control of) the most territory. The game takes four players, and although the basic aims are the same, each player has their own additional victory paths.
I was Purple by the way, Slannesh, so as you can see haveily involved in the action in this area!

In fact what looked like a forgone conclusion actually turned out to be a close run thing when we checked at the end of the game. It turned out any one of us could have won on the last turn, and one more turn of delay, and we would have all lost.
Again, if you enjoy, or can get past the background; this is a really good game, which only takes a couple of hours to learn and play.

Of course there have been figure games over the last couple of weeks and so here are a few snaps of some of the best bits, firstly Dan's beautiful and rather cheeky Daemon familiar army:

And secondly, more from Pat and John's WW2 Blitzkrieg Commander:

And lastly some 18th century chaps in 15mm:

*Fast Show reference in the title folks.

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