Monday, September 28, 2009


Though many of my English Civil War units are marching under historical banners, few of the units are as specific as this one, with a well known historical provenance.
The Parliamentarian army, especially early in the wars, tended towards the conservative Dutch school of cavalry tactics, approaching at a trot to fire pistols, and withdraw until the foe was disordered enough to fall before a steady advance. In this respect heavy armour, which was largely disappearing from the battlefield was still of some value, and Sir Hesilrige’s troop of horse wore as much as possible; earning the epithet 'London's Lobsters'.
They served in the south west and saw a number of actions, including Landsowne (5 July 1643), Roundway Down (13 July 1643) and Cheriton (29 March 1644).

The figures are of unknown provenance, single piece castings in a brittle metal. Very old; but nonetheless nicely detailed. I managed to rescue the damaged ones and as a consequence add an officer with drawn sword and a standard bearer. The standard is all of 15mm square!


  1. The mighty Lobsters I posted richard Scollins picture of the regiment earlier this year

  2. The figures are Freikorps 15's now in the catalogue of QRF