Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Greek Bowmen from the Factory

So as suggested in my review last week, here are some pictures of one of the possibilities the Wargames Factory Numidians offer.

Here I’ve produced 16 bowmen, the models were a simple job to paint, and so I waited until they were finished before adding them to the blog.

The shot below shows the four basic body types in the set as a sample of the poses you can produce.

The paint job as said; simple. I undercoated a tan-brown shade, which made painting the flesh and red shades easy. I tried washes on the tunics on this batch with mixed results, by which I mean acceptable but not really satisfactory. Still it produced a quick job.

So do I still think the models are really good?

Yes I do.

These also stand as the first additions to my Spartan army (of the historical sort rather than the fantastical, movie based type) in almost two years. But thanks to these lovely little plastic models, there's more to come…

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