Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Asgardian Allies (vol.1)

I'm a big fan of creating fantasy armies from unlikely items; plenty of evidence for that in the past on the blog.  it's one of the reasons I end up with so many fantasy armies, I keep getting inspiration for turning lemons into lemonade.

My Frost Giants are a classic example of this:

35mm scale evil knight on left
 An army of 5 giants cost me a fiver.

However in the case of this particular army, they are a bit one dimensional, and lack variety, being 5 big blokes who hit things.  close to a year ago I picked up some models to thematically add to them and improve variety.

For these I wanted o use some of the Tehnolog range, some of which I've used in the past to represent overgrown Orcs/Trolls.  This time I went for more attractive models, in the same 54mm scale.  Vikings.  I managed to source some on import for about £5 a pack:

Mmmm, toys
 Which got me a total of ten models, so at a pound each they aren't bad value.  They are also a decent size, as stated, around 2 inches tall; the equivalent of a ten foot tall humanoid against most 28-35mm miniatures.

I finally got around to painting three of them up, to represent a reduced model unit of heavy missiles in Dragon Rampant.  Styled to match my Frost Giants:

When your bow is the size of a Ballistae
I had good fun with this light blue skin tone, but these actually took quite a lot of painting; for toys they have a heck of a lot of detail.  

I have enough for two more units of Heavy foot or similar again with three models as a unit.  The idea being that these are the Asgardians, Nordic warrior heroes, who ascended to the heavenly land of the Giants to indulge in unending war.  They are Giants among men, and but few of them will rise to the greatness of becoming a true giant.

Or something.  In real terms these models add some ranged fire to my Giant army, something it had to rather improvise up until now.

Another bargain.

Additionally I have ideas/plans for three more DR forces in development.  Too Many Projects indeed!


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