Saturday, June 06, 2015

Zulu Scouts

To counter all those nasty redcoats, I've added a small party of scouts to my Zulu troops; made from spare figures from the main units (both painted and unpainted) that I've assembled to date.  I say 'to date', these are the first Zulu's added to my force in about 15 years, which is a scary thought.

These are Essex miniatures whose limited number of poses is in the case of near naked figures like these compensated for by the ability to re-pose their soft castings.  I based them on the same size footprint as the British regulars but in pairs rather than threes; this makes two bases of these equal to one base of the massed Zulu I have, so these can all group together to make a single normal unit should it be needed.

Naturally these were a very quick paint job, reliant on a variety of dark browns over a black undercoat for the skin tones, which are 80% of the painting.  With my British force increasing somewhat I may well add some more Zulu's yet over the quite summer months; but for now it's over to other projects...