Friday, June 12, 2015

Lord Hastinge's Retinue - Spearmen

At the same time as the Lady of the Water was finished, I also got a third unit for my Lion Rampant retinue ready.

The men of St. Johns 
These are pretty much straight out of the box Fireforge Sergeants, only the standard bearer having had much done to him.  He has one of the standards from the mounted knights set and wields his sword ready in his off-hand.  I gave the unit the largest shields as it seemed to suit their role.

Eye's right boys - officers right, not yours!
The same red and yellow - Ham and Eggs scheme unites them, as it does for the other twwo units ready so far.  I had more trouble with the water effect again, but I think I figured out why this time, the next unit will be the charm.

Getting plenty of painting done at the moment, I only need to paint 12 more figures to finish my initial 24 point retinue at this stage.

Now, if only I could get an actual game or two as well, that'd be nice...


  1. Very nice! The shield work is especially effective.

  2. Great looking LR troops - the FireForge kits surely seem perfectly made for these rules.

  3. Very nice, especially these shields!