Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Lady in the Water

Paint is finally applied to a model I've owned for well over 25 years.  I can't remember why I picked up this figure, it was when I worked part-time in the local model and gaming store that much I know; but finally after a lifetime in bare metal this Grenadier Princess has found a role as an objective/marker for Lion Rampant games.

This dainty Julie Guthrie sculpt stands an old-school 24mm from top of the head to toe.  Dressed in a largely accurate medieval style of dress I went for a bold clash of rich colours that is archetypal of the well-to-do of the period.

And turn...
Compare with the original advertisement photo of her:
From with a classic 80's paintjob
 Dare I say, I think mine might be better?  Well perhaps...

And why in the water, well I also managed to finish three pieces of area terrain; marshland to suit campaigning in the bogs of Ireland:

I'm off to the Bog, whaddya mean a lady wouldn't say that?

These were fairly straightforward pieces done on pre-cut terrain templates from Warbases.  Onto this scrap card was glued down to give relief for the pools, and then the whole lot textured with filler.  The painting is a simple extension of how I've done bases for my Feudals and the water is the same medium.  

Doing this latest set of bases has actually taught me more about how to get the liquid medium to work.  Still not bang on for a tutorial, but getting to a stage where I can get the best out of it.

This model has followed me around for many, many years in the bottom of a 'that'll be nice to paint one day' pile; I'm glad I finally made good on the intention.


  1. Yes I like yours better......and what a fetching objective for any soldier :-)

  2. lovely paint job on an old but nice model

  3. Nice, very nice job on this beautiful Lady!

  4. You've done justice to that lovely little sculpt. I really enjoyed painting her a while back as well. The red on her underdress (kirtle?) is so rich and velvety.