Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Waterloo for Wargamers at the Royal Armouries

Napoleonic War Gaming Weekend


A very local event to me.  A Napoleonic gaming weekend in Leeds at the Royal Armouries.  Not sure personally I can find the time to sneak off to this, but I applaud the commemorative effort.  THeir own blurb mentions a themed exhibition in the museum and alongside the Siborne model, a refight of the entirety of the battle in 6mm.  From other bloggers I know larger scales and other battles of the campaign will be present too.

In general, if you've never been, the Royal Armouries is well worth checking out and suits all ages (so long as you aren't an ardent pacifist I guess).

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  1. Thanks for sharing I want to go now but am booked up this weekend :( the armoury is excellent even without the Wargaming !