Monday, June 15, 2015

First Austrians - IR.42 Erbach

When it takes a month to finish 12 28mm miniatures, there is something deeply refreshing, even revelatory about managing to finish 32 15mm figures in a mere week.

 IR.42 Regiment, Erbach was a Bohemian regiment, present at many major engagements.  I've started by representing it with 2 battalions of four bases each, though in future I may enlarge each to six bases.  32 men look fine as a regiment, if a little heavy on command figures, but rather too small in battalions.  48 men for a two battalion regiment sounds good, with implicitly 72 men for the three btn. regiment!  Anyway, available figures and time for now says 32 will do.

Obviously these are the Warrior Miniatures I bought and reviewed recently; neat little models, though some flash needed cleaning and the sculptors attempt at field signs on the helmets was best removed.  The paint style is a complete counterpoint to how I am doing 28mm projects, the intention here is to go for an impressive mass in a fast turnaround, so these use my 'trademark' varnish-wash technique.

The whole model was under coated grey, they drybrushed up to white, then the details were picked out in flat colours.  They were then fixed to the bases and once dry, wood glue mixed with brown paint was applied and then dipped in sand.  Again once dry, I applied a 66-33 mix of Vallejo Matt Varnish and Army Painter Strong Tone to both figures and the bases. Finally when that dried only a drybrush of sand-brown paint on the bases and static grass was required.  The whole process was less than 6 hours, or around 10-12 minutes per figure.

So that is a quarter of my initial infantry stock complete in no time, best get some more out and on the go.


  1. Not only quick but they also look good!

  2. Brilliantly quick and they look great. The Army Painter Quickshade always looks good on white I think.