Monday, June 22, 2015

Waterloo at the Royal Armouries

Okay so this was a week ago, and the anniversary was Thursday last, which would've been a great time to post these.  But it's been kinda hectic around here.

On what was a fraught weekend to say the least I did get half an hour to scan round the games on at the Royal Armouries in Leeds.  The Armouries had given over one of the their main downstairs conference rooms to around a dozen groups with wargames - almost exclusively - Napoleonic in nature.

 Two shots of a game I couldn't recall any details on, nice models my quick photography could not do justice to.

Camera crews and Bacon butties
 Part of the Sharp's Waterloo game put on by the RAF gaming society IIRC.  A novel twist on the theme, with attention to detail such as having La Haye Sainte the wrong way round and such like.

Legendary Wargames can always be relied upon for some In The Grand Manner action:

Hanoverians I think...
Action around another farm
Next up wass the Warlord Games display, using - as several others appeared to - Black Powder.

The battlefield was far less populated than some
And it looked to me like the boards belonged in the Spain not Belgium
 To their endless credit, Warlord seemed to be doing good work with the general public.  This was not a gaming show, there were no traders and enough room to see the games, get involved if you wished and ask questions.  Compared to many wargaming shows this was a refreshing change.

Incidentally, whilst all these games were 28mm, there was at least one 15/18mm game on the day too.  Displaying the field of Waterloo on a more strategic scale

I took away from this in particular an Idea I'd been toying with about fleece throws as wargames mats, less intrusive than faux fur but with still some naturalism.  It bears saying that this one had been recoloured by its owner.

I wish I'd had a little more time to hang around and get better pictures, the room was a bit quiet, but this was at 3pm on Sunday afternoon so well after any rush could be expected.  Overall it seemed to be a great idea to help get people to really understand the battle.


  1. Beautiful pictures, very nice looking units!

  2. thanks for sharing for those that couldn't make leeds