Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wood's Column 4th Coy. 90th Foot

Spurred on by the completion of the Royal Artillery limber, I've dug out more Zulu War models for painting.  The speedy progress you can make is one of the selling points for 15mm; these were no exception.  A company of the 90th Foot, along with ammunition bearers of the wagon train.

 Once again I may have gone overboard with the highlighting, though it is in no way as detailed as my 28mm painting; still it seems rude not to highlight the coats and pants, and the belts really pop out too.

One point I would add with the Essex Miniatures range is that the colonials are a mixed bag.  The British infantry above are fine for the Zulu war, but the ammunition carriers really belong in the Sudan or Afghanistan.  Still not to worry, I'm on a roll now, and some Zulu scouts are next on the painting tray.

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  1. Very nice. Hope to see them on the table one day.