Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Another plastics manufacturer discovered

I've been steadily updating the 28mm plastics page at the top of the blog (go look, now!!) and thought I had them all, but today I discovered an American manufacturer that had passed me by: ECCENTRIC MINIATURES

It's a very small range of figures for the 13th-14th century, the models to date look somewhat stiff but the prices are reasonable, depending on your location.

Very old-school painting there...
From what I can see there is the foot knights set above at $16, a set of 8 bowmen  for $10 and a two part crossbow artillery set ($10 for two ballistae and $5 for 4 crew).  Worldwide postage is offered.

I think it's fair to say that the models have a certain retro styling going on about them, and may not appeal to fans of ultra-detail; they are certainly a little stiff - see the knights above - but gradual improvement shows in their rather nicer bowmen, but they do offer a variety of parts and some prospects for convertors to get stuck in to.

Thanks internet...

Would really like to see better painted examples however.


  1. Never heard of them either. Knight remind me of Tin Soldier 25mm from oh 30 years ago

  2. Interesting find. I've never heard of them either. The knights appear too wooden for my taste but the longbowmen and the giant crossbows are both nice looking sets.