Friday, May 08, 2015

VE Day - Weekend of Events

Don't let it get lost in the hoo-haa about which member of the upper orders gets to live in an exclusive London townhouse rent-free for the next five years but, May 8th marks Victory in Europe Day.

Not the anniversary of the end of World War Two entirely, but the anniversary of the conclusion of fighting against the Axis in Europe.  To mark the 70th anniversary there are numerous commemorative events going on.

You can find out about any local to you (in the UK anyway) here:

As someone who lost one grandfather in the war, it is timely to remember the date.


  1. I have just seen 8 boxes of figures (around 100 25mm in each) at a wargames show, all unpainted being sold by the same person. It made me wonder what the point was. My lead pile nearly zero now. What a weight off my mind.

  2. Think this may have been mean't for the post above, but I get the point. It's the collector mania men get I think, but if those models had been repeatedly used in games, well, I despair!....