Saturday, May 02, 2015

Lion Rampant - Feudal Polearms for my Retinue

The second unit of Lord Hastinge's retinue, and my first of the Fireforge miniatures, is now complete.

 Twelve men armed with staff weapons, a mix of Fauchards, Bills and Poleaxes.

The various styles of weapon
 Given that the set does not contain pole axes, etc. all these models were converted up in some way; to add new weapons to spear hafts at least, but in some cases with new arm arrangements being built.

Paintwise I kept to a limited palette of mainly browns, as fit my ideas of medieval kit, but the lord had splashed out on tunics in his heraldic colours to help identify his men in the field.  To support that he's even let them have a natty banner with a field sign on it:

Extended spear and sword added to left hand 
I'm still working on getting the bases right.  I've gone with a much darker brown for these, and it's much closer to the peaty look I wanted.  the water effects are still a learning process, but one thing apparent from these is that you are better off applying thin layers with greater regularity than thick layers with longer drying times.  In fact there may be an optimal time to permit the layers to bond seamlessly...
Water has taken on an odd blobbish quality at times
 In general though, they are a progressive step on in style and quality for me.  The slightly more accentuated paint layers gives better contrast without looking too cartoony.  The selection of hues is complementary, and the improved basing look distinct and appropriate.

Must remember - mould-lines!
Lacking shields or side arms, these were easy and swift models to paint, that aside I found the Fireforge a delight to work on.

Well, I shan't be dishonoured in my next battle by a lack of fresh troops at least.


  1. Fantastic colors and beautiful paint job!

  2. Nice work..I especially like the flag...

  3. Great work on these - the basing is also very impressive. Those are some nasty looking pole weapons too.