Friday, May 15, 2015

No snappy title...

I have no children of my own, hence no heir to the throne; but the good lady who has taken me into her home these last few months, does have a son.  Alas, aside from playing the very occasional card or board game he's shown no interest in other things gamey; being obsessed mainly with football and watching Netflix (he's 12).

However this changed the other day, in what may be a passing fancy he asked to try his hand at painting. a tank.  Not having one to hand I dug around and found a sacrificial victim or two; an unbuilt M10 Wolverine (purchased by accident I guess) and a 40k miniature that had been left over from the bad old days.

Proving to have a steady hand and more patience than he normally suggests, we went through the process of cutting cleaning and then assembling the parts for the tank before letting it sit to dry and painting some of the Eldar chappy.  The young 'un had excellent colour taste and was a lot better with a brush than I expected for a first go:

puts my first efforts to shame 
 We attempeted a little highlighting as you can see, but mainly I was impressed at how he chose to apply the three colours he uses to logical areas and in a consistent pattern.  Sure it's not that neat, but considering what my first 5 or 6 hundred models looked like it's rather good.  The M10 is very neat and with the right tools he could certainly tackle a more challenging model.

Of course whether he ever would, I doubt; in these days of constant ready entertainment and instant gratification I think kids have to be got early to take up the hobby.  But you never know...

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  1. Well done, you've at least planted the seed.