Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rorke's Drift Refought

I wasn't involved myself, but with Andy back at the club after his Olympic Health and Safety duties, several of the club members got together to have a practice game with the Zulu Wars figures in preparation for their game at Fiasco.

Andy had brought along his Rorke's Drift set and figures, and set up a scenario based on a Wargames Illustrated scenario - offering a rather stronger defence of the drift than in truth.  The British began the game with Lancers and artillery!  Martin took command of the plucky British garrison.

It was clear that the cavalry had found the enemy!

Who lost no time in advancing upon the stockade (Most of the British being inside those huge buildings).  Mark, their commander was taking an aggressive approach.

The British were soon engaged in a desperate struggle against the native horde.

Whilst the Lancers tried to buy them time with a last valiant charge against one of the Zulu Impi.

But alas it was all to little avail, they were simply unable to stop the surging masses of natives; soon it was only Chard and Bromhead remaining to face hundreds, nay thousands, of the blighters.

Clearly history was not to be repeated this day.

The Game was palayed with the Black Poder rules and it looked as though there was little chance for the British as it stood.  But then again, perhaps they wee unlucky, I only took photo's so I cannot say.

What I can say is that spread across an eight by six foot table the battle looked spectacular.  And it will only improve in time for the display game, one expects anyway.

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