Thursday, September 06, 2012

Fireforge Games - Foot Sergeants!

I've never really mentioned Fireforge before, though I've been aware of their mounted knights sets for some time.  However equipped for the 12-13th Century as they are, the models didn't fit with any of my favoured periods.

However, their next set is to be of 'Foot Sergeants' aka infantry, and from the look of the sprues and sample figures on their pages, I can see these will be a very different proposition:

Now the ability of these models to be used for a considerably broader period than the cavalry is obvious to me. The crossbowman would not look out of place into the early 15th century and is ideal for lighter equipped troops of the beginning of the Hundred Years war. The spearmen could be French, Flemish, Burgundian...

Details from me will have to be scant at this time, but I'm sure you can find out all you want at their website:

A tentative shipping date appears to be November.

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  1. They do look rather tasty, can't say I've heard of them before, but I'll certainly check them out, thanks!!!