Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2/16th Portuguese Regiment

Reorganised by Wellesley in 1809, the Portuguese regiments of Lisbon were to give sterling service at a number of battles in the subsequent campaigns; including being present at Busaco, Torre Vedras and Vittoria amongst others.

Looking back, I find I haven't painted a Napoleonic unit since January.  So it is pleasing to get a battalion of infantry done:

More Portuguese allies Based on material from the excellent Osprey Armies of the Napoleonic Wars volume.

As ever, if I can't use plastics, I try to use Front Rank miniatures, as I like their sculpting, heft and the fact you can by them individually still!

The standard is hand-painted, and just slightly hypothetical.

I think that would make it time to get another Napoleonics game arranged then.

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