Friday, September 28, 2012

Le Porte-Avions Français Arrivé

Reinforcements for my Dystopian Wars French navy have been completed, taking the force to a rounded thousand points.

The Aircraft Carrier 'Le Condorcet'; accompanied by three escort cruisers - 'Leon Gambetta', 'Jule Ferrer' and 'Victor Hugo':

Also painted but not shown are another six fighter tokens to go with the carrier.  Which is a huge model, dwarfing the Pocket Battleship already in the fleet.  I had fun with the aircraft and the flight deck; but to be honest all that camouflage was a bit of a chore...

Having a fleet of twenty vessels now I probably should read the rules properly!


  1. Oddly, this game never interested me much... but your models could change my mind!

  2. Excellent additions to your fleet