Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oglah Khan's Wolfboyz ride into Foccacia

Yet another new race, and regiment is recruited to my Dogs of War.

I was offered a handful of Hobgoblin wolf riders for the princely price of a favour in return by a club member; and practically bit their hand of to get them!  Alas only one was still boxed, an so some of the bow cases had gone missing and only one wolf was supplied.  Still, I was easily able to supply some more, and spare parts from goblin wolf rider sprues I had kicking around furnished new bows and a musician's horn for the unit:

Actually the wolves are some of the best work here.  Again I was experimenting with washes, and a deep black wash over a grey base, followed by two grey highlights produced a very pleasing result on them.

As to the hobgoblins it was a case of red leathers and decorations, paired against green silks and flesh tones; the whole making for a striking colour scheme, repeated in the sheild and banner designs.

I'm far more pleased with these than my recent attempt at Dark Elves, and would happily paint a few more if I could get em (online prices for the original models of any Hobgoblins are prohibitive).  Also this is a unit that really will fit well into how I use my Dogs of War tactically, my army being a significant user of light cavalry tactics already, and these fit that role perfectly, but with the added punch of a hero to lead them.