Tuesday, July 03, 2012

A Pledgers Progress: April-June

Three months have passed one again and it's time to tot up the numbers.  The figures are just above average in fact and run out as follows:

  • 24 Zulu Wars British Infantry
  • 20 Judean Fighters
  • 8 Carolingian/Norman Spearmen
  • 3 German Tanks
  • 20 Zulu warriors
  • 12 Judean Bowmen
  • 10 Dogs of War Barbarian Javelinmen (Duellists) 
That brings me to a total of 109 points against a target of 90 for the quarter.  It's not particularly impressive, but I've had a busy social calendar of late; and added to the 169 points from the first three months of the year it begins to look better

Now the last two are the main additions for the month of June, and the Dogs have yet to be photographed, but I can show a picture of the completed Jewish troops:

These are light infantry, but with enough numbers to hold some sort of fighting formation if needed.  Most of the models are Wargames Factory Numidians with added cloaks, but three of them are their Celts.  These were an experiment to see if I could make them work.  Layers of clothing needed adding to some models and removing from others, all a bit fiddly, but there is nothing straight forward about this lot!  

The cloaks certainly look better on these chaps, with practice I'm sure they'll get better still.  I've also added some 'Autumn Tufts'  From the MiniNatur range; I think these best evoke some sparse desert foliage.

That makes the Jews up to a very modest 32 figures.  A long way to go yet!


  1. Nice work on those archers. You've really changed their look. Best, Dean