Sunday, July 08, 2012

6th Edition 40k Arrives

Well, last week or so the latest edition of Warhammer 40,000 appeared, and so the fanboys can begin a new round of declaring the end of the metagame, the rise of the new cheese, and how Games workshop have saved/ruined the game forever.  Not unsurprisingly many of the 40k players made it down the Nightowls last week (some for the first time in ages) to try the new rules out.

Personally, I'm glad to see the game back at the club, but I gave up on 40k 0 for the second time - midway during 5th ed; due to the disparity between relatively elagant (not realistic, but elegant as a game) rules and the ludicrous exceptions to the core system made at every turn by the army books.  There are a substantial group of players for whom exploiting or overcoming these flaws are the pleasure of the game however, more power to them, if that's what they like!

Elsewhere it was an all-fantasy/sci-fi day in the club with Games of Warhammer and Kings of War (in 15mm) also going on.

Myself, I had other fun and games planned for the day so could only pop in for half an hour, whilst most of the historical gamers were either otherwise engaged or at a convention in Scarborough.  Nonetheless is was gratifying to see the place busy again.

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