Monday, July 09, 2012

The Javelinmen of Salo

After what seems an age, I've finally added another little unit to my Dogs of War:

These are Copplestone Castings' Barbarian models, now sold - very reasonably - by Battlezone Miniatures. I used the javelin armed troops as this meant they could represent throwing knives, which is how I like to field my Duellists; with knives and small shields.

I went for a really bronzed flesh tone for these chaps and so added some brown to the basecoat, highlighting up to a mid-fleshtone, without any lighter touches.  As a lot of the rest of the models was furs, I opted for contrasting bright shades on the Javelins and shields.  The shield design is a much simplified version of the Pazyryk tattoo's which also chimes well with the standard, which was salvaged from some plastic Celt sprues I was given for spares.

I think they look pretty tidy for a fast old job.

1 comment:

  1. Sweet unit! I am so disappointed GW doesn't really support dogs of war anymore. Why do war game companies disdain mercenary forces!? They are so historically true!

    Sorry, I thought I left my soap box at home. Anyway, really nice work!