Sunday, July 22, 2012

15mm Egyptians for Sale

I find myself in a glut of rationalising my armies.  It seems I'd rather focus on a smaller number of periods and be able to do them in grand scales (both size and or numbers) than piecemeal try to cover every period.  At the very beginning of this blog I was finishing up a New Kingdom Egyptian army; but other than one appearance at a DBA tournament, they have never been used.

And so it is time to sell up, after posting a few farewell pictures of them as an aide mémoire of what I'd done...

Based with DBM in mind, but a handful of half bases to allow for use in other games; these chaps are priced for a sensible sale on eBay.  Look them up here if you're interested!

I hope they find a good home.



  1. You got a great price. I went on there but I was too late.

  2. Pleasingly they've sold to someone only a few miles away, so I may even see them again actually being used (Or more likely, not).

    £200 will do me, I can convert that to a mixing desk or some other treat I can't justify with regular money!