Saturday, July 28, 2012

Idol of Gork

It's definitely been a month for fantasy games, since the Warhammer Tournament reinvigorated my interest in painting and building fantasy models.  Obviously there has been a lot of Dystopian wars going through the paint queue, but also various bits for Warhammer have been worked on lately.

One for the club supplies is a Orc and Goblin shrine made from leftovers I got in a job-lot some while back. Rummaging through my O&G spares box (there's a lot of them!) for some Orcs to paint I found a much maligned Idol of Gork model from the old 7th edition boxed set.  It had a poor paint job from its' previous owner but was otherwise intact.

I took it, a couple of other bits, some rocks and some blue foam and knocked up a simple model:

Once I'd dry fitted everything in position to my tastes, I hot glue-gunned everything in place.  Then it was all given a solid coat of burnt umber acrylic.  Then it was simply a case of various layers of dry-brushing and picking out the details.  Make no mistake, this was done as a quicky, not a detail piece!  Painting finished, I added a little custom mixed scatter and the job was done:

Something suitable for a horde of hundreds or Goblins to fight over!

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