Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Well, that's that done for another three months!

Had my first game of Warhammer fantasy in a while last Thursday.

I ran an experimental Dogs of War list, in so far as it featured mostly new or nearly new units in less than typical builds.  The results were to be honest, a bit of a disaster.

A lot of my army was invested in Asarnil the Dragon Lord; probably the weediest hero ever mounted on a tough as nails dragon; he's really only a dragon delivery system.  He went on the attack naturally enough, but carelessly I let him attack a unit of High Elves with Occam's Mindrazor cast on them.

This shows that I really wasn't paying attention; charging a unit with Always Strikes first, that swapped its' Strength of 3 for its' Leadership of 9 was a supremely dumb move.  30 or so strength 9 spear hits ruined my dragon in seconds.

Thereafter my army was on the back foot; there was a slight chance for my Knights and duellists to break the thin connective tissue of Mikes army and break onto its' flanks:

But it wasn't to be.  The rest of the army cowered behind a large hill in the centre of the field, and simply tried to weather the storm.  Braganza's Besiegers were taking the brunt of it now.  And it was only a matter of time.

At the last they lost their banner, and as this was the Blood and Glory scenario I found myself 2-0 down at the end.  And to be honest, that didn't reflect how one-sided it had been.

Frankly I played like a chump, but I can at least blame the tools for being unfamiliar, I didn't use them well and paid the price.

Unlike my troops, I get to live and learn.

By the next time I'm sure I'll have forgotten though!

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