Monday, March 05, 2012

News and Leftovers

Firstly today more new releases on their way in the plastic variety, this one is bound to appeal to a wide variety of gamers, as Warlord are about to release a plastic set of three ruins:

These are 28mm scaled and seem to come with plenty of variety, a set of three buildings costs £35.  I would have to see them in the flesh to decide if they are really worth that asking price; but it is a pleasing development.

Elsewhere I took a few extra pictures last week at the club and should release them before they become irrelevant.  Andy and Mark were playing Saga, over Andy's glorious new terrain:

Also there was a 40k Tournament on; not my thing these days obviously, but I did find Ralph's work on his Grey Knights worthy of a shot.

That's all for today, big game write ups to follow!


  1. £35! I'd have a go at making them yourself!

  2. Yup, I was all excited when I first saw them mentioned in the Warlord Newsletter - then I saw the price.

    Time to get out the foamboard methinks

  3. Those buildings look great!