Saturday, March 24, 2012

All quiet on the Eastern Front...

The blog has been silent all week, which is rare, but there has not been any great trauma (well, inconvenience) to cause this; I simply haven't had all that much gaming in the last few weeks.

However this has allowed some time for painting, and a - now quarterly - post on my painting pledge activities will be forthcoming soon.  The latest product has been another small WW2 force that was malingering in the painting pile.

These were largely painted in my usual style, but I did use a different shading medium, as an experiment.  For the infantry I used Vallejo Smoke.  I'd tried this in the past and found it to be thick and grainy, but this time I diluted it fairly heavily with water and the net result was not dissimilar to GW's Devlan Mud, but at a fraction of the price.

They're up on eBay, HERE, now.  (Stop press: Sold!)

In other news, those of you who use GW paints (aside from their washes I don't) should be aware that they are about to change the whole range.  The latest rumours are that they are moving to a set of complimentary three-colour sets with associated base coats and washes.  But I'll make two further, rather obvious, predictions; the pots will be smaller and the prices higher.

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