Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Elsewhere in the Club

It has been said that the present Nightowls location favours the more affluent gamer with the luxury of a car and more disposable income.  If this is true the numbers attending the club are interestingly showing a higher proportion of historical gamers.  True we have received a few new attendees who are mainly historical gamers, and this is doubtless also down to the fact we've started to be more active on the gaming show front; but I wonder if there is a correlation between favouring history over fantasy, and your ability to drive/size of your pay packet.

I'll back away from drawing any conclusions; let the debate begin.

Anyway, this observation only serves as a preamble for some photographs, with the observation that in the last month - with the exception of the 40k tournament weekend - historical games have at least matched, and probably beaten, the number of fantasy games being played.

Amongst these, I'm pleased to see that I've kicked off Force on Force with Mark, Andy and Rich; even if I as yet remain uncertain about the rules.  The lads had a nice looking game for Afghanistan going:

The Americans seemed to be having it all their own way, but the scenario rules were about bringing the enemy leader back alive, not riddled with holes as Rich managed.

In the end it seemed the game came out as a draw, even though the Americans suffered only a couple of casualties.  Which to me at least sounds pretty realistic.


  1. I'm not sure if money has anything to do with it. Maybe historical types don't mind putting in a bit of effort to get their gaming fix.

  2. I think it's age as much as money. As ive got older I've just lost interest in most SciFi and fantasy, but become increasingly interested in a plethora of historical periods.