Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Croatian Houses

For my upcoming display game I need more buildings, the thing is you can't really buy the look off the shelf:


Not being conveniently located in northern France, the middle ages or the 41st millennium, appropriate model buildings that at least give the impression of these ruins are few and far between.  True, some of the German made model railway buildings, and even a handful of the very basic British ones pass for the Balkans, but they are small, expensive, and often difficult to get hold of.

Therefore it was time to get the foam board out instead:

I wanted to give the impression of the airy Mediterranean style of the rural Yugoslavian buildings, making them as distinct as possible from the WW2 buildings I made last year.  Part of this was to include balconies and raised entrances, making these far trickier architectural projects than most of my foam buildings.  The other thing of course being lots of damage, 30mm cannon, 100mm tank rounds and mortar shells...

They went together really well, especially the one on the right, however; and I was able to knock up the burnt out house from the scrap of the others.  All four models came out of one A3 sheet.

The painting was carried out in a frenzied evening and mainly revolved around a tester pot of Homebase 'Moonlight' white, initially with a tiny amount of Panzer Grey added, then highlighted with the raw colour, followed by Moonlight plus white, then pure white.  The method to these layers being to paint down from the roof, leaving some of the lower levels showing at the base, hence the walls get lighter as you move up them.  The lower three (scale) feet of wall or so also get a layer of dust and dirt applied.

I think the look the part, but I still need to do maybe three or four more.  Then as space is tight, they can be donated to the clubs after I'm done with them.


  1. Those are excellent. Always nice to see really well thought out wargames buildings. Great job!

  2. Very good stuff!
    Show off the others when you're done!


  3. Great models- you have captured the look of the pictures exactly.