Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Green versus Red (oh, and Grey)

Two games of Warhammer Fantasy in as many weeks!  I know, it's been a while, but I have James to thank for a close match of another Orcish Civil War.

My force was a 2000 point expansion of my largely effective 1500 point '3 warlords' list.  I deployed a big block of Orc Big 'Uns in the centre, led by a Black Orc Warboss and BSB with smaller mobs of Goblin spears on their flanks.  On the extremities were units of Wolf and Spider riders with Goblin Warbosses.  A Doom Diver rounded out the force.

James' list had an almost identical Orc unit, a larger unit of Goblin Spears and a massive unit of goblin bows. Some Black Orcs and a selection of small Boar and Spider riding units completed the army.

I got first turn and used my larger fast cavalry units to turn his flanks, for his part James tried to outflank my Goblins but animosity got the better of his 'Redskins' and they rashly charged the spear unit in front of them, unleashing a fanatic who led to their untimely demise.

I took the initiative now, launching a Waagh with all but one of my units including my Wolf riders putting a charge into his Boar Boys, James hadn't accounted for the Warboss in my unit, but more fundamentally his boys failing 4 armour saves resulted in them being thrashed.  My pursuit eliminated the survivor and crashed in to the flank of his red spears, whose combat had yet to be resolved.  We smashed them too and the pursuit wiped them out and again engaged another unit in the flank.

Green's high-water mark; James had to revise his plans; though coming out the better in the clash of the Orcish titans had given him a window of opportunity.  My Orc warboss effectively fumbled his magic item and got hacked down, leaving his warriors short on combat res.  They stood, but only just.

In time they broke, just before the Goblins flanked his Orcs, and at the same time my other unit of Goblins ran from the Black Orcs (who had been lucky to survive three direct hits from the Doom Diver and another Fanatic with more than half their unit intact.

To the rear I  my wolves had failed to dent the vast goblin bow unit.  and had retired in disorder.  By now the gig looked to be up; and when my goblins on the left failed to get involved in the fight those on the right found themselves disastrously outnumbered.

Game over!

Thoughts, well it looked close at first but ended up fairly one sided in points.  James could heartily commend his Warboss' performance, but I had no such joy.  Additionally my war engine was largely unfortunate (rolling on target usually, but only rolling 1's or 2's for hits).  Magic, which I've not mentioned elsewhere, largely went James way, but didn't add anything too damning to the battle.  Ultimately I lost to a little bad luck and that's about it.

So why red?  James is painting his Orcs and Goblins as some sort of Lava/cave dwellers to a red theme.  They look pretty striking too.  A nice change from the usual traffic light green.


  1. Did you play the civil war rules from white dwarf? Looks a good game

  2. Like the report and the concept that James has come up with. Still can't used to seeing unpainted figures on the tabletop though. I went to Warhammer world on saturday and was amazed by the disparity in the figures used. Most were really well painted but there were a number of bare plastics on show too.

  3. Simonster: No, that would've assumed we'd known what armies we were bringing and had planned ahead. Might be an option for the future, though handicapped by the fact the last issue of White Dwarf I bought was approximately four years ago, making for a total collection of about four copies.