Friday, October 14, 2011

Warhammer Historicals; WTF is going on?

You're well informed indeed if you are aware GW's historical rules arm, is having a massive sale; even better informed if you are aware of all the rules they now produce.

Currently on the Warhammer Historical website there is 50% off all books, rules or supplements including all the Warhammer Ancients series (looking pretty dated now of course), Legends of the Old West, Trafalgar, etc.  But What about Kampfgruppe, their WW2 rules?  or Gladiator and Waterloo?  I was only vaguely aware of the WW2 rules, having appeared as a tiny notice in one of the gaming rags, and really only registered the laughable price of £48 (now £24) for the hardback rules, as to the others; I was mystified.  When the hell did they release a set of Napoleonics rules!?!

How can a company as big and well organised as GW allow product to dribble out with such anonymity, that when it is reduced to clear, it's the first time people have even heard of it?  The answer to my mind, is that in the many headed serpent that is the Workshop, the historical arm is not getting the sustenance it needs to thrive, and so it is dying off. 

This sale feels like an attempt to clear stock before the operation is shut down, if it's an attempt to drum up interest in new product, surely more publicity would help? would it kill them to plug the rules in White Dwarf for once for example? No, it feels like the days are numbered for Warhammer Historical.

Get your bargains whilst you can...



  1. I'm not a fan of the GW rule systems so I'm not interested in their sale . . . but that being said, I think that your analysis is probably "spot on", sir.

    -- Jeff

  2. I thought the same thing, possible closure, when I first heard the news.

    Although, they could be trying to recoup some cash short term, half yearly profits perhaps? Whatever the reason, it's very unusual for GW to have a sale.

    I've picked up a few books; some WAB supplements and the updated Trafalgar. Whatever people say about GW in general, Warhammer Historical produce some great products.

  3. Well, they had a lot of new releases recently. I can't see them closing in the near future.

    But that's true. For a GW company, their marketing is really unusual.

    Apart from their newsletter, I don't know if they advertise their new stuff at all.

  4. I totally agree, I don't trust anything GW do or say.

  5. Well it would appear your prediction was in fact very true - It appears Warhammer historicals has bit the dust - Is this good or bad for the industry as a whole?