Monday, October 17, 2011

Anima - Raziel NK-X

Having made some wargaming money on a couple of big sales, I treated myself to a pair of big figures for my Anima Tactics collection.  The first to get completed being a centrepiece for my Black Sun force:

An undead knight and supposedly the most powerful necromantic creation to date of Black Sun, the Raziel NK-X is a seemingly unstoppable primal force.  In game terms they seem staggeringly powerful, especially as I've equipped mine with two huge weapons.

The painting of this model was a breeze, as it is really only a mass of dark armour, a little undead flesh and a few touches of black.  This hides the fact that the construction of the model was an epic however; being a kit, without instructions, of around twenty parts.  A lot of dry fitting, reference to illustrations and the pinning of virtually every joint was required to assemble this figure.  And even then, I suspect those barbed metal whips won't survive very long.  In short, it is not one for beginners; confident modellers only need apply!

Nor is it particularly cheap, but on the table it is likely to be an imposing presence, as you can see from the size comparison against a regular Type 005 above.

For now this is my Black Sun force complete, with some 300 levels available to me.  Next up for Anima is an addition to my Azur Alliance forces to build them up in a similar fashion.


  1. I really like a lot of the Anima models, but yeah, I get the impression that they are a bit vigorous in construction.

    I don't even like putting together warjacks from Warmachine.

  2. Looks great, and worth the time invested. I have a stockpile of AT minis waiting painting. Great stuff there.