Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Leeds Nightowls Fly to Pudsey

In the fallout of the LWC closing down (we cleared out all our stuff at the weekend) the Leeds Nightowls have managed to find a new home, away from central Leeds but thankfully still technically within the city borders!

 The new home is in the Farsley Conservative Club, in Pudsey.  Now I must admit as a confirmed anarcho-syndicalist, I had grave concerns that the place would be a bit of a socialists nightmare draped in flags and pictures of Maggie Thatcher standing over her vanquished foes.  But it transpires it is the most working class of clubs and the new accommodation, even if only a temporary measure, is large enough and comfortable enough for our needs.

Essentially a mile off the outer ring road of Leeds it is pretty easy to find and close enough to Pudsey rail station to walk to, as well as being on several bus routes.  Parking seems plentiful.

The opening times for the club will initially be 10-3pm every Sunday, starting from this weekend (the 16th October).  There is a possibility of the hours being pushed back a bit in future, if those of us who get hangovers can get our way!  But for now it is an excellent stopgap.  We got all our kit in on Saturday and hopefully we'll get a good turn out at the weekend to get things rolling...


  1. Many moons ago I played in a snooker league, twice a season we had to play at the local Tory club, me and my dad would both make sure we had red pants and socks on, this way we didn't turn to dust upon entering the building. Then they changed their rules so you had to wear a tie as well, so we wore our red support the miners strike ties. It made us feel a little better......

  2. Welcome to the dark side.

    On a brighter note I'm glad you've found a new gaming home.

  3. Margaret Thatcher wouldnt have let us get into the current mess whatever else you think of her!