Tuesday, October 11, 2011

French Knights

All of the painting from September in one photograph! Rejoice!

As stated earlier I didn't paint much of anything last month.  This was it, and these very nearly didn't make it even.  Still a unit of six of the flower of French chivalry (and although simple, they are authentic heraldry's of the early Hundred Year War period) completed.

This is timely, as I've committed myself to putting on a display game at Pudsey Recon in December, and an enlarged version of my Poitiers game from a few months back is looking like the prime candidate.  I'm hoping I can field 500 or so models over a seven by five playing area.

It means painting a few more models too, so progress should pick up.

As to these models though, it is fair to say that the black wash was far too heavy.  It looks worse in the photograph than it really is, but it is still too severe.  I'm out of practice!


  1. Great figures, try a brown wash instead, bit late now I know, but...........

  2. Have to agree with Ray, try brown. Otherwise looking very good.

  3. Who is the manufacturer of the knights?

  4. Those are the first edition plastic Bretonnian Knights fro Games Workshop, mid 90's vintage! Readily available on ebay. Sculpted by one of the Perry twins, with the silly helmet decoration chopped off.