Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another "Gotta Go" Moment

I'm actually kinda sad about this one, as my AK47 armies were at one time a great love of mine, but as I've used them three times or so in the last ten years, and have no opponents for them, I can't really justify keeping four separate armies for them.

And so on eBay you'll find these:

My, used once, United Nations Intervention force.  20 vehicles and 60 figures is here.  Whilst for those on a more modest budget, or with an eye to the contemporary, there are these:

Seven vehicles and 18 figures, representing a mercenary contingent.  These can be found here.  Obviously given recent events I can imagine a number of uses for them...

Lovely 15mm models, some  of which I've customised myself, and several of which I made the masters for!  Still you have to know when to say farewell, and having lumped these models through seven house moves in the last ten years with nary a game.  It's time to let them go to a better place.

Sensible bids welcome!

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