Monday, September 05, 2011

Corsairs of the Crimson Sea

It was pirate versus pirate, salty sea dogs baring teeth against one another, in my last game of Freebooters Fate.

 We stuck to a simple scenario and inevitably we had a certain number of similar characters in our forces, though Ian, my opponent, did choose to field Blackbeard, and some other different crew in his crew.

Blackbeard came off worse in an encounter with my knife thrower, and long rifle.  But over all the game swung slightly to Ian.

He kept back a number of his troops in the company of his Captain Rosso, and thanks to early injuries in my party, I was forced to engage from a safe distance, with some loss of ability.  A late charge by a deckhand didn't do enough to redress the damage.

Still my pirates cannot be too downhearted, not seeing as they recently seized control of a beauty of a ship:

Two in fact!  This is the smallest of the Playmobil pirate ships, which due to a little wear and tear I managed to acquire on eBay for £3.50.  It comes as you can see with a substantial mast and rowing boat.  As soon as I can figure out how to make it a waterline vessel, and what to do with the rigging and so forth, it shall be another major project to kick off!

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